Facebook for Business 2014 – Use Facebook As Your Business – Happy Marketing Club
April 29, 2015

I get asked this question all of the time “How do I use Facebook as my business and not as my personal profile?" In this video I show you EXACTLY how to use Facebook as your business.


18 thoughts on “Facebook for Business 2014 – Use Facebook As Your Business – Happy Marketing Club

  1. As a brand new business, I’m wondering about the effectiveness of using a
    FB. Their new Edge rank rormula seem

  2. Hi Trish. Edge Rank is actually old news now (I know impossible to keep up
    at times). It’s really the News Feed Algorithm that you want to focus on.
    There is a lot more competition on Facebook now a days then there used to
    be PLUS it is imperative to create content that gets engagement, a much
    more surefire way of getting your updates noticed other than paying for
    exposure. I am working on tackling this big question and more for the
    upcoming Facebook course out in a few days.

  3. An easier and faster way is to use the gear icon. You can switch between
    number of pages and private user.

  4. How do I link a business page on facebook from my website? I tried this and
    it opens with the admim page at the top. How do I view my business page
    with out admin being accessible?

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  6. when I use fb as my business it will not let me post any comments on other
    pages or profiles, do you know why?

  7. I hold the same opinion, I find this specific video very useful. By the way
    I use youtube to bring visitors to my site since I am a full-time youtube
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  8. I have just created a face book account. I followed some online training
    that indicated that I have to set up a personal page and then another page
    for my business. This I have done. In trying to follow your video I find
    that my page and my icons are different. I find this with other training
    videos too. If face book is “universal” why is this so? For example on my
    right hand menu my icons are different to the ones you show. I cannot find
    my admin page. I have only Build Audience and Help. I have a drop down menu
    on the blue header but this looks nothing like your admin page. Yes it’s
    great that we have all this online training – but every one seems to be
    working with a different system. Why exactly???

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