How to register with Google Places 2015 (Google Maps)
May 24, 2016


33 thoughts on “How to register with Google Places 2015 (Google Maps)

  1. Is there a way to register several businesses or addresses with just one
    google account? Like in the case my business would have two or more
    addresses (offices) or maybe a business that helps other business to be on
    gmaps, is it possible to manage all these registrations in one account?
    thanks a lot for the very clear info!

  2. If I already set up Google business page, is this different and should I do
    it as well?

  3. Hi, very nice video. I still can see my business in local map? what Is the
    best to do? Thank you

  4. Google has changed since this video and when you have the page to verify
    your business it has changed after you enter your address. It now says:

    To make sure you can manage this business on Google, you need to verify
    your association with this business. Why verify?
    Mail me my code
    Your verification code will arrive in 1-2 weeks at:
    407 Umgeni Road

  5. great video.thanks a lot,A plus,thank from from ricardo lawn service in
    oklahoma city.the best in midwest

  6. Hi- Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful. I’m helping my friend
    register his business. Can i use my gmail account then transfer the info to
    his account once it’s setup?

  7. I got a business verified through postcard and entered the code. It worked
    and everything but I cannot get the business to show up on the map. It
    places a marker where the business should be but has the business that used
    to be there instead. Any ideas? Thank you! I filled in some information as

  8. hi. what can you do if someone else registered your business in goggle map
    and you cannot contact the person

  9. I have seen so many videos-But this is the best with proper
    elaboration-Thanks A lott!!!!!!

  10. I got the post card, entered the code but my business does not show up at
    all either on web or maps. My account says it’s verified. I called google
    and they said it will be working within 24 hours. It’s been 3 days now and
    still not showing. What should I do?

  11. Hi! really helpful video here. I was wandering where is the other video you
    mentioned at the end, where you explain how to set up the Google Business

  12. How do I get on google maps if i don’t have a business address? I see other
    vendors without a specific address on google maps.

  13. Is this google postal verification is working in all countries? ? If we are
    adding business from out of USA… google will post or deliver verification
    to any other country??

  14. Hey, nice vid. Do you know if you can register mail box addresses or
    virtual address for Google Places?for local clients?.thanks. 

  15. Nice vedio, dear I add my village name on google map, its shows on google
    map too, but dont show in google search and dont show on weather website,
    please help in this regards,

  16. Great Video. Thanks.
    If I don’t have office address for business can I use home address as
    business address?

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