Internet Marketing Strategy – Step by step
June 1, 2016


37 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Strategy – Step by step

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  8. hi Andrew, I am new to internet marketing, I found your video extremely
    easy to follow, the information is delivered in a really concise form. It
    forms a roadmap for someone starting out!
    Great work, and thanks Cindy

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  10. Hi Andrew, this video is a great way to know about the effective internet
    marketing strategy which really works, after watched this video I was go
    through from the new concept of online marketing. Thanks for share with us.

  11. Great video, but I dont think this is the best way for most entrepreneurs
    who have limited income and are starting out. I don’t think there is a step
    by step to someones success online. The steps are just a way to deliver the
    information. For instance, this works for the people who are teaching it
    because thay are the creators but most people starting out might not need
    most of this. For instance someone would need thousands and thousands to
    unseat someone already dominating on social sites in this niche. Reverse
    engineering someones success I think is impossible because all moving
    parts, products and avitars are different. I do believe people need the
    mentor though. A mentor who know how to direct someone on learning for
    themselves what works and doesn’t unless they have enough money to invest
    and have it stop working when they stop investing. Most people haven’t had
    a job and gotten experience in something they need to have success in what
    they want to accomplish. I think this is great if they teach someone how to
    do just what they might try to have success but just my take on this but
    great video. I know this is working for you.You have learned what works for
    you for sure.

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