13 Tips for Taking Your Small Business To The Next Level

Whether you’re building out your sales team or just your staff in general, the quality of your small business team can determine your company’s success. To ensure that you put together the best possible group of employees, check out these team building tips from members of our small business community.

Overcome Objections When Building Employee Advocacy Programs

Employee advocacy can be a great way of reaching new audiences and communicating your brand’s message. But there are some things you need to overcome if you want an employee advocacy program to be effective. Michael Brito discusses more in this Content Marketing post.

Rely on Business Process Outsourcing

In today’s business world, there are ways to get help with your business process without hiring actual hourly employees. You can outsource various functions to professionals who can make you and your business more productive overall. In this Redbooth post, Jennifer Riggins explains why many entrepreneurs rely on business process outsourcing.

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I woke up one day after spending a few weeks thinking through my business model and how I could serve my clients better. The word that dropped in my mind that day was ‘up-level’. I quickly looked it up and found an interesting meaning in the urban dictionary; it means ‘to grow in areas where you have been previously stagnant’. That immediately struck me as the much needed wakeup call, not only for me but for various business owners who have been going round in circles year after year.

After our recently concluded and I must say highly impacting Success Circle Africa Conference, I have been reminded once more that we are the captain of our own business destinies; we must start steering our business ship to our desired direction by the actions we take.

Today’s economy poses a challenge for some and an opportunity for others and if you want to end up on the winning side, here are 3 tips to guide you to up-level your business:

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