Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

You need to prioritize your customers’ needs first. Your marketing strategy must focus on humanizing your business and automating things. Most of your business is coming from your past clients and it costs you six to seven times more to get new customers than it does to retain an existing one. With this, you must focus your marketing efforts to your previous clients.

You should use mobile and be responsive


Your website and emails have to be designed for all devices and be responsive. Being mobile-friendly ensures whoever reads your emails or visits your website has a good experience and this creates a positive result.

Improve your email strategy


Make sure that the content that you are sending is both personal and something that interests the recipient to read. You should send timed emails regularly with unique content to your audience to increase your influence.

Use GIFs and grow your email list


GIFs are great for getting you smile but these days, they are usually used to capture a situation to convey emotion without using words. You can use GIFs in your email too. GIFs give your business a touch of character and personality and can increase your click rate. With growing email list, you need to send emails to your past clients and this is a must. You can also use those same email newsletters to keep your name. This is the reason that you should always try to snag email addresses.

Boost your Facebook posts


Go to your Facebook Business Page and find a blog post that is worth making sure that plenty of people read or see. Like for an instance, the best title insurance company qualities for your real estate customers to read or tips on how to find an awesome real estate attorney in Jacksonville, FL. This post should be linked to their email newsletters. Just click “Boost Post” and select the parameters that you want for the post.

Automate your content marketing and use experiment with Hyperlapse


When creating your email newsletter for your business and sharing content with your social networks, thinking with topics to write about and what post to share can be challenging. With this, you can automate some of your content marketing and sourcing and this can help free up your time and can focus on more important tasks. You can also use Hyperlapse. It is a new app that Instagram launched. Using it puts a few thousand dollars worth of video editing software on a single app on your phone and this is a free app.

Facebook Marketing + Advertising Tutorial for Business Pages 2014 Learn Marketing on Facebook Fast!

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Facebook Marketing – How to Leverage Facebook to Grow your Business

Visit for more info. In this video, I talk about how to leverage Facebook marketing to grow your business. The power of utilizing Facebook to market your
business lies in the fact that it allows businesses to build a community or tribe of passionate fans who can then become advocates of your business. That is, people who promote or market your business to others and help grow this community. So I actually share a couple of tips on how to do this properly including a soft sell approach, keys to engagement and driving people back to your Facebook community.

Another powerful aspect of Facebook marketing is the fact that Facebook holds demographic data including where people live, what they like to do and what their interests are which is what we can tap into to help market your brand or message to the right people.

As always I would love to hear your comments on Facebook marketing and your ideas so feel free to share them in the comments section below.

How To Market Your Photography Business On Facebook The Right Way – The first thing you want to ,avoid when marketing your photography business on Facebook is using your personal profile page. You want to use a Fan Page and use this to engage with your fans and start telling your story to engage with readers. So many people use their personal profile page and don"t realize all the benefits to the fan page. For more tips visit

Facebook marketing: 25 strategies to promote a business on Facebook

Facebook marketing: How to promote your business on Facebook with 25 unique strategies.

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In this tutorial I explain 25 Facebook marketing strategies for how to promote your business on Facebook. Many of these strategies are common sense, but no matter who you are, there are some of these strategies that you are probably not currently doing.

Let"s go over just some of the Facebook marketing techniques in which you can promote your business of Facebook. Some of the basic ways to promote your business is to use your personal Facebook profile, your business page, or your fan page. Once you are doing that, you must make sure that your Facebook updates are as effective and engaging as possible. To make sure that your updates are as effective as possible, you should work on improving your headline writing skills, and use imagery to make your headlines more appealing.

Additional Facebook marketing strategies in which you can promote your business, include the use of hashtags and mentioning people by name. When you use hashtags, it helps you increase the discoverability of your Facebook updates so that people who don"t know about you or your business can discover your business. Without the hashtags, only your immediate followers would be able to see your updates.

When you mention people by name in your Facebook updates, those people will get notifications that you mentioned them, and if your mention is interesting or flattering to them, they will like it or re-share your update, giving you extra marketing and exposure.

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Facebook Marketing Strategies 2015 for Business: How to do Marketing on Facebook Successfully!

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How to get free conversions, clients, and engagement.
Start with Facebook Groups and learn searching for facebook groups. Here"s why!
Best Facebook ads strategy for conversions, affiliate marketing, sales.
What works to make money with Facebook marketing? What is worth doing?
What does not work well on Facebook? What is not worth doing?

Topics covered in this video include Facebook groups, Facebook messaging, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook for entrepreneurs, Facebook for business, and Facebook 2015 updates.

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